Vision, Mission and Values


We want to develop in people the creative part that we all have by transmitting it to unique and personalized decorative objects with feeling


The entire Dayka team will work to bring value to its customers through artistic and professional training, innovation, creativity and originality of its designs, always in permanent renovation and with concern for sustainable development and the environment, which makes it always look for products and suppliers that respect this commitment. Likewise, Dayka will be concerned with the personal and professional development of its collaborators and the economic growth of the area in which it operates, preferably choosing local suppliers and products of the highest quality and reliability that will help it in its goal of being a leading, orderly and stable company with continuous growth that will ensure adequate profitability to guarantee its future.


Future Guarantee. We try to have long term agreements with customers and suppliers

Customer orientation. We listen, attend and solve the needs of the client

Satisfaction. We enjoy our work by developing creativity and improving results

Attitude. We are motivated and feel responsible for ourselves and the work environment around us

Innovation. We create future by providing value and competitive advantages to our customers through innovation

Spirit of improvement. We are proactive. We plan for tomorrow and improve our products.

Training. We care about the professional evolution of our clients and collaborators

Growth. We work hard to develop and spread the market for decorative paint

Integrity. We deliver what we promise

Gratitude for the trust placed in us

Common good. We put the interests of the team and the company before our own

Cooperation. We want our clients to see us as partners with initiative, experts and who help them to develop their business